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Easter in Norway in 2024

In contrast to the Orthodox Easter in Russia , the Norwegian Lutheran Easter Første påskedag is a holiday of national significance which does not have one, but three full days off.

And weekends are always Thursday, Friday and Monday, which makes Easter weekend in a small vacation.

Taking into account the fact that only one day off falls on the New Year, and Christmas, although it gives two free days, it can fall in the middle of the week, Easter is the most “precise” holiday in the Norwegian calendar.

Many have time to fly a couple of days to the south to truly meet the spring. The most popular and profitable flights from Oslo are listed here.

Thus, Easter is a long holiday, it is even considered that Norway is the longest in the world to celebrate Easter .. The last day for schools and some enterprises is the Friday before Palm Sunday, that is, a week before Easter holidays.

2021-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 4 Апреля
2022-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 17 Апреля
2023-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 9 Апреля
2024-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 31 Марта
2025-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 20 Апреля
2026-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 5 Апреля
2027-й год. Пасха. Норвегия - 28 Марта

Норвегия. Даты пасхальных праздников 2024
Страстная пятница
Пятница ПТ 29 Марта
Великая суббота
Суббота СБ Марта Марта
Воскресенье ВС 31 Марта
Понедельник ПН 1 Апреля

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after Palm Sunday are normal business days. (although most preschool institutions and businesses are open only for half a day on Wednesdays) but since school-age children are already on vacation, many parents also take this weekend. Then everything returns to normal on Tuesday after Easter.

However, if you have children in preschool or school / SFO, check if they are open on April 23, 2024, as some may have a day planning (planleggingsdag) on this day, so institutions will are closed. It varies from municipality to municipality.

The weather in Norway at Easter varies greatly from year to year. This is primarily due so what is the date of Easter in the current calendar.

During Good Friday and Easter Sunday most shops are closed but some may work for couple of hours between 12:00 and 18:00.

REMA shops work as usuall Thurdays.

Grocery shops Lidl better to check in Google сайте магазина. We will show how to search for the opening hours below

To check shop opening hours, visit it's webpage or search in Google

Name of shop + åpningstider på påsken

For example

REMA 1000 åpningstider på påsken

Then choose the shop and check the timetable

Luca Giordano Resurrection
Ressurection. Luca Jordano
Easter eggs
Traditional Easter food - eggs
Norway traditional easter food mammi
Norway traditional easter food mammi

Lutheran Easter

Lutheran Easter is celebrated on Sunday after the first full moon, come after the day of the vernal equinox (March 20). It is central event of the Lutheran calendar and the main church festival of the year dedicated to the great mystery of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Norwegian Lutheran Easter Traditions

Spring is in the air, new life is growing, and the sun is back. Decorations in the house change to the appropriate spring-summer range of colors.

In this festive season, the distribution of Easter eggs full of chocolates and chocolates is commonplace. friends and relatives. Although Easter is a religious holiday, many do not celebrate it as such. Easter is synonymous with holidays in Norway - some people leave for their houses, go hiking or skiing, or go abroad to other places. Others prefer to stay home to avoid crowds and traffic.

For Norwegians who live near the Swedish border, many of them go to Sweden on Great Thursday shopping, because in Sweden it is not a state holiday, so the shops there are open.

Easter is also a time of gardening and homework for some Norwegians.

The traditions of Lutheran Easter are in many ways similar to the Easter customs of Catholics and Orthodox. Easter solemn worship begins on Holy Saturday, a few hours before midnight. In a dark temple (in which all the lights are extinguished in advance), one lit candle is decorated, decorated with the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet - alpha and omega. These letters represent the first and last point. of the earthly existence of Christ and symbolize the beginning of that new life that awaits every true christian in heaven.

On the first day of Easter, Lutherans have decided to exchange gifts, donate money to strangers poor and homeless. Also on a holiday, folk festivals and concerts are organized. In some Lutheran churches a ritual of burning stuffed Judas is performed - disciple of Christ who betrayed his Master for thirty pieces of silver.

At the festive table, the Lutherans always present traditional Easter. Dishes: Easter cakes, painted eggs and Easter cheesecakes. Very popular in Norway there is on Easter a dish of rye flour and malt called mummy.

Mummy is made from rye flour and malt with added salt and sugar. Porridge is baked for several hours at low temperature. Mummy is rich in protein, fiber and trace elements, in particular iron. it low-calorie dish (115 kcal per 100 g). Mummy usually eat cold, with cream, sugar or vanilla cream

By its roots, the cooking technology of mummy goes back to ancient Persia, and in Norway began to prepare the dish since the XVIII century. Then the area of manufacture Mammy covered Southwest Finland , and from there spread to all regions of the country. In the old days mummy was very popular in Karelia, where most of the dishes made in a furnace.

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