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GooSleep Sleep Capsules at Helsinki Airport - Vantaa

Helsinki Airport Sleep Capsules

To get to GoSleep capsules you need to pass control at the entrance to the Departure zone.

From 12 in the afternoon to nine in the evening they can be free, at other times cost from 5 euros per hour.

Look for capsules at gates 28 and 29 - one floor higher than the gates themselves.

We draw your attention to the fact that on some sites, including the finnavia site was indicated outdated information (gates 31 and 37). The correct information is listed on the websites, and - Our editors made a request at and they confirmed our information.

If in doubt, ask staff where GoSleep capsules are.

An example of a polite question in English

May I ask you where are the GoSleep Sleeping pods?

Capsules can be booked online as a regular hotel. You can do it on the following websites Hotellook and

One double capsule per night will cost 60-70 euros. It is better to book them in advance, as places are being sold out pretty quickly. But you can pay them on the spot, including cash.

GoSleep Sleeping Capsules at Helsinki Airport
GoSleep in the Helsinki Airport. Photo: Finnavia

GoSleep sleeping pads look like this:

GoSleep at Helsinki Airport GoSleep at Helsinki Airport

GoSleep at Helsinki Airport

Similar capsules are found at many other airports, for example, in Hamburg Airport

BOOK a Caplsule


Alternatively, you can visit one of the lounges. For example, Swissport ASPIRE Lounge is open to anyone with priority pass for free. If you do not have a priority pass, entry will cost 38 euros. Look for him at the gate 27.

You can take a shower in the Almost@home lounge between the border control and gate 32. Access for three hours costs 48 euros.

☎ Phone - 0200 14636

🖄 ZIP code - 01531 Vantaa.

🌍 Geo coordinates 60.3210° N, 24.9529° E

Free Wi-Fi - HEL Free WiFi-Open

From the center of Helsinki, the easiest way to get on one of the trains: P or I. They usually depart from the extreme platforms. Search for the word 🛧 Lentoasema ✈

Helsinki Airport Opening Hours

The airport operates around the clock

Where else can you sleep at Helsinki Airport?

Helsinki named the best airport for sleeping in 2017

If your flight is delayed or you have a night connection, You can always sleep at Vantaa Airport.

Overnight at the airport, this is not the ultimate dream of a tourist, but there are ways make her comfortable and get a few hours of much needed rest at Helsinki Airport.

Sleeping compartments are located between gates 28 and 29 in Terminal 2.

Not all airports are created equal in their sleep patterns. Some provide sleeping places or lounges where tired travelers can take a little nap. Others at least have plenty of quiet corners or seats without armrests that allow you to lie on them.

The aptly named “Sleeping at Airports” is a website that hosts Travel guides and airport reviews from Travelers who survived a "terrible night at the airport." According to survey, travelers called Helsinki Airport is the best airport in Europe and the fourth best airport for general experience in 2017.

Comfortable features “Helsinki Airport offers many options for sleeping, with accommodation staff, clean amenities, good security and comfortable furniture, which includes benches without armrests and reclining chairs ", - notes the site "Sleeping at Airports." “Features like flawless connection with the city center, further expand the possibilities of travel and bring a little luxury in a different functional space. "

Sleeping compartments can be found in the GoSleep Recreation Area, which is open 24 hours and located after security control in terminal 2, next to Outputs 28 and 29 (Schengen Area). There are special service packages offered for more prolonged sleep.

Helsinki Airport is the first airport in Europe to offer this service, which is available until October. The container is equipped with a safe place for standard size carry-on luggage under the seat and electric socket or USB to charge electronic devices. Retractable, fully Lockable sliding curtain provides privacy.

Go to the lounges The good news is that airline lounges are not limited first class passengers. at Helsinki Airport there are three lounges that open to cardholders of airline members or for admission. Kainuu-lounge provides leisure facilities for free.

Finnair lounges (gates 22 and 50A-M) provide a relaxing space, decorated with classic Finnish design elements. You can find more Northern elegance in the SAS cabin (gate 13). They are open to owners. membership cards and for an additional fee for passengers traveling with by airline.

In the Aspire Lounge (gate 27, upstairs) there is a birdsong which is a must takes you back to nature. You can sit back in the Near @ Home Lounge back as if you were in your living room (Gate 32). They are open to all passengers with an entrance fee and can be pre-booked in the mobile application of Helsinki Airport.

Kainuu Lounge is a 24-hour forest-free space accessible for all passengers (Exit 31).

Hotels for uninterrupted sleep Of course, at airports around the world you can often find popular hotel chains. For example, at Helsinki Airport, the GLO Hotel Airport is located on the ground floor of Terminal 2, so there is no need to catch a minibus in the middle of the night to get there. It only takes a few minutes to reach the reception and security checkpoint of Terminal 2, and Terminal 1 is easily accessible via an internal corridor.

In addition, Scandic Helsinki Airport is the last full-service hotel that opens at the airport. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Terminal 2 in the so-called Operations Center, which also houses Finavia Licensing Services, airport police, a medical center and private companies.

Finally, Hilton Helsinki Airport is another full-service hotel located near Helsinki Airport, about 100 meters from Terminal 2. However, due to construction work, the passage between Terminal 2 and the Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel has changed, and the elevator is on the ground floor leading to the hotel is closed. The hotel can only be reached from the terminal by stairs. Therefore, it is recommended that guests with heavy luggage or by means of transportation ride between the terminal and the Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel. The new elevator will open in spring 2019.

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