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Rauma - Olkiluoto

How to buy a bus ticket

Go to matkahuolto.fi switch to English and type from Rauma to Olkiluoto power plant

Bus timetable for 23.05.2017. Ticket price is 6.10 EUR, you can buy ticket from the driver.

If you plan to travel from Rauma to Olkiluto regularly it is way cheaper to buy a monthly ticket for about 70 Euro.

06:10 R1a — 06:50 local Rauma, bus station I Olkiluoto power plant VoimalaitosDirect to OL3
06:45 R3 — 07:20 local Rauma, bus station 1 Olkiluoto power plant Voimalaitos Transfer OL1/2 parking
07:10 R6 — 07:55 local Rauma, bus station 1 Olkiluoto power plant Voimalaitos Direct to OL3
11:35 — 11:55 local Rauma, bus station 1 Olkiluoto power plant Voimalaitos
15:35 — 15:55 local Rauma, bus station 1
16:30 — 16:55 local Rauma, bus station 1

To check the route you can click on sign (not here but on the matkahuolto.fi page)

If you live in dormitory and do not want to go to Central station, then you can use Itsenäisyydenkatu P bus stop. There are fewer busses that stop there : 6:49, 11:35, 15:35.

Central station is here (Tehtaankatu 5, Rauma):

Keep in mind that stops 1, 2, 3 ... are in front of the Central station doors, but stop I Is across the road to the right.

OL3 bus stop is here:

Some busses go only to OL1 and OL2. In some cases you can wait for a transfer to OL3 for couple of minutes but it is also possible that you have to walk there.

Timetable from Olkiluoto to Rauma is funnier. You need to search for both Olkiluoto power plant Rauma and Rauma Seminaarinkatu (Rauma) Combined timetable looks like this:

07:05 R1 — 07:30 Seminaarinkatu
07:20 R3 — 07:50
08:20 08:15 R4 — 08:40
12:05 EJ5 — 12:50
15:05 R1 — 15:30 local Seminaarinkatu
16:10 R3 — 16:35
16:10 R5 — 16:35
17:10 R1 — 17:35 local Seminaarinkatu
17:35 R1 — 18:00 localSeminaarinkatu
19:05 R1 — 19:30 Seminaarinkatu

If you need to go to Rauma center Seminaarinkatu is ok because the bus has several stops there including the one near Central station.

Rauma is a very beatifull small town. It is one of the oldest towns in Finland (other are Turku and Porvoo) if you have enough time I recommend visiting the city center and the water tower restaurant.

Flight to Finland

If you need to reach Rauma from abroad - there are several airports in the nearby cities, but Rauma itself does not have an airport.

You can search flights to Pori, Tampere, Turku and, of course, Helsinki.

Threre are several online services that can help you to find cheap flights. The best one in our opinion is:

Jetradar.com - OPEN WEBSITE

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